Photo courtesy of Michal Karcz,

Photo courtesy of Michal Karcz,

August 28th


Story starter

Some say he possesses mystical powers. Some say he is a source of pure evil. Others say he spreads joy to the places he visits. Very few people have ever seen what’s beneath the hood. Very few people know who he truly is.

The wanderer sat alone on the mountainside, leaning against his staff for support. Storm clouds were gathering, and it was his intention to reach the next village before the first snowflakes fell…

Question time

What do you think is beneath the hood?

How do you think people feel when they see this figure approaching?

Why might certain people fear him?

It may seem obvious, but why is he really called ‘wanderer’?

What does he use the staff for?

Why does he need to rest on the staff now?

What might he do when he reaches the next village?

Why does he want to reach the next village quickly?

Why do you think he travels alone?

Sentence challenge

Insert commas in the correct places in the sentences below.

Taking a deep breath the man sat down on the cold moss-covered ground. It looked like it would start to snow yet the man hoped his cloak would keep him warm. Suddenly the man heard a voice call to him from far away and so he turned his head towards the bitter icy wind to listen.

Sick sentences

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The man sat on the ground. He wore a cloak. He carried a staff.

Perfect picture

Can you draw the man using his staff?